Friday, September 19, 2014

Things to Do to Earn with Swagbucks Daily

The dailies:

The daily list consists of 7 different tasks to add to your earnings on Swaybacks.

Other Stuff to do:

Games (10 pts):

Suggested game: Swagasaurus 

Click Play on the menu bar along the top of the homepage, choose swagasaurus, play for free, let ad run, when ad is finished click new game and let run until the next ad box pops up, and click go back to game. Do this 10 times.

Encraves(various points)

Once there, click on the actual photo to see how that particular encrave works.

Encraves (points vary from one encrave to the next): They are found under Discover (top menu bar of homepage) and Encrave. Open one at a time. 

Link Encraves (1-2 pts depending on the encrave) (2-5 open one link at a time-when done with all links you will have a popup box show up at the end telling how many points it's worth),

Slideshow encraves (1-2 pts), some will have individual videos to watch or just have to let the page set (car encrave)-you will have a like/dislike button to click. You will need to click one or the other to advance to the next one on the list. The amount of videos will vary) 

Autorun-encraves (they will have a fast-forward/play icon on the picture) with these some will have 5-8 or up to 20 videos to watch. With the auto run ones, most of them you will have to stay on the page for them to run. These are good ones to use when you want/need to clean house, cook dinner, jump in the shower, or other such stuff.

Special Offers

Special offers are under discover. 

I suggest the following tabs under this section:

Trialpay (check for the horizon cow video worth 3 pts) Click to open it in a new pop-up box, click the video to run it, click next(whatever else it says and let window open in a new window or tab and close out, skip step(small wording under social sharing) and you're done.

Radium one: Look for 1 pt videos (click on most recommended and then lowest to highest-this will make clicking the 1 ptrs go faster and you can open more than one of these at a time)

Peanut Labs: Check out the free stuff on this one. Sometimes there's some good point earners there. You should also try the surveys. (Most of them I don't qualify for, but on occasion I do get one I supposedly can do. If I don't make it all the way through those, it's one point for disqualification. Getting all the way through means you get however many points for that survey.)


This is under the discover tab. For each coupon you print and redeem, you will earn 10 points per coupon. It can take up to 60 days for credit.


This SBTV (website not the mobile app) (3 pts per 10 videos watched-150 max): 

Some say don't do the whole max amount at any time because it could get you banned. They suggest no more than 30 rounds (90 pts) daily. There'll be a three letter code to type into at the end of each 10 video round to get the three pts.


When you need or want to do a search for something, use Swagbucks. Vary rarely will you get points on the first page. It is suggested you click through at least 12 pages of search results giving yourself at least 4-10 seconds between clicking to the next page. You may or may not see a code box to type in a three letter phrase into. If you do, do it quickly because you will be timed out and lose the search win when you get it.

Shop: (AKA Shop and earn)

Check out places you would shop online to earn points. Each site varies in points per dollar spent. Be sure to see how long it takes for credit on points.

NOTE: Amazon has a few shops they (Swagbucks) will give you points per dollar. They change out from time to time.

Homepage shopping: Sometimes these are from the shop page. Sometimes they aren't just be sure to look at the special terms for each of these. 

Surveys and Tasks: These are under the Answer tab. With the surveys, if you disqualify on the gold and daily surveys, you will get 1 pt per section up to 5 a day on those (total 10 pts for d'qing). If you make it through any of the surveys, you will get the amount shown for the survey. These "Winning" surveys are unlimited.
Tasks, I don't do those. So, I have no tips or info for doing those.

LTG: 2 (pts per): See the picture link above under encraves for LTG.

LTG's "brother" (1 pt): He usually shows up at 7 pm Central. He ranges from 2 to 5 videos when comes to the party.

Swag Codes: (pts vary and they go into the Swag code box on the home page at the top (next to inbox.) Most days there's one or two of these given out that have a given lifespan. 

NOTE: Twitter Trivia is on Thursdays and those are given as codes. They have a limited number and you have to be in the set amount of people to get those codes. They vary in amount and how many are given out on Thursdays. 

Inbox: Check those out when you see a number in red pop up. Most are surveys and shops. Just be sure to look out for the videos. They are often worth 2 pts. Those don't always show up every day.

Sometimes they put in an offer where you can click something 100 times in one day . Those are few and far between.

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